Triremes mission is to develop usable technology that solve many of the world’s most challenging problems by improving current technologies, patenting those improvements and deploying them with a focus on rural broadband, encryption, payment platforms and block chain efficiency.

Our technology IP portfolio consists of a variety of solutions including:


Trireme’s EMPEG technology can be deployed without changing or modifying the legacy platforms that internet providers are using today. Additionally, customers will not need to purchase or download any hardware or software to receive and view any video or data received in the EMPEG-H.264 or EMPEG-H.265 standard compression formats.


Trireme’s state of the art, encryption technology has been developed to be compatible with all current security methods, however with the following improvements.

10x faster vs. current state-of-the-art symmetric encryption, such as software AES with 256-bit long key, independently on key length, e.g. any key length between 256-bit and 4 billion.

1000x faster vs. current state-of-the-art asymmetric encryption, such as software ECC or RSA, independently on key length, e.g. any key length between 256-bit and 4 billion.

Our Anonymous Payment System has been built to help secure instant payment transactions while allowing the payer to remain anonymous to everyone except their banking or financial institution. With the intrusive nature of technology today, the product has become the customer, with information being sold and traded containing our most personal financial and lifestyle preferences. Our technology is a step in the right direction for consumers that wish to remain anonymous.

Anonymous identification system based on “Need-to-Know” principle, that only those who need to know the identity of any party will actually know it.

  • A Payer is anonymous for everybody except for the Payer’s bank.
  • Payer’s bank account details do not leave the Payer’s bank.
  • A Payee is anonymous for everybody except for the Payee’s bank.
  • Payee’s bank account details do not leave the Payee’s bank.

All registrations and transactions are protected with one time used random transaction numbers.

All communication is encrypted with the combination of asymmetric (public/private key pair) and symmetric encryption (session key) with authentication.

Supports single discount loyalty system.

Our Enhanced blockchain (EBC) combines our high-speed encryption along with improved communications methods to increase both the speed and security of Blockchain transactions.

Universal platform for exchange of digital currency, fiat currency, precious metals, oil, real estate, shares, smart contracts, dividends, commodities and any other imaginable valuables.

Real-time (instant) transactions (100,000 per second) instead of slow (6-10 per second) of Bitcoin.

Each user has its own account blockchain with transaction details instead of sharing a single global blockchain with unnecessary transaction details between all users.

Each block in the account blockchain comprises details of one transaction required by worldwide applicable banking regulations.

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