Trireme's Mission

Trireme's mission is to fund, develop and deploy our unique patent pending compression and encryption methods which solve many of the bandwidth, storage and security issues that exist on all technology platforms. We can also offer products and services to insulate and inoculate communications through our encrypted and compression hosted systems to thwart imminent threats.


Who is Trireme

The professionals and management team behind Trireme have extensive real-world experience in banking and finance; accounting; technology; government/defense services; international law enforcement and common law.

Our principals hold Ph.D degrees, MBA's and JD's as well.


Company Overview

    • Founded 2016
    • Offices in Coral Gables, FL, New York, and Belgrade
    • 7 patents pending
    • Strong IP portfolio
    • Privately funded
    • Most advanced and disruptive compression, encryption, and security technology available.




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