What Is Compression?

Data compression is a reduction in the number of  bits needed to represent data. Compressing data can save storage capacity, speed up file transfer, and decrease costs for storage hardware and network bandwidth. Compression is useful because it reduces resources required to store and transmit data. Most data compression is not truly 'loss-less' compression. Trireme Compression, is in fact, truly loss-less.


Our Compression Technology

  • A software based EMPEG compression solution reducing files size up to 99.97% from the original file.​
  • Our EMPEG compression will help our customers grow their client base while reducing costs and providing an exceptional client experience.​
  • Immediate savings on bandwidth costs. ​
  • Significant reduction in storage space and acceleration of streaming creates significantly faster downloads.​
  • Device agnostic technology (Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone, etc.)​
  • Adheres to the same speed and quality on any capable device​
  • No additional software requirements.​
  • Super-efficient bit rate enables reaching a much wider customer base.​
  • Lossless compression of 3:1 to lossy compression up to 4000:1.​
  • Future-proof - Inherently compatible with state-of-the-art MPEG standards.
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