Our EMPEG compression technology provides a low-cost & efficient resolution to the Rural Broadband Problem, allowing customers to receive content that would not otherwise be available over their current connection. Our EMPEG technology can help to equalize the growing digital divide and rural households the ability to participate in the many benefits of internet applications.

for digital content providers & Creators

Our EMPEG technology creates between 6 to 12 times smaller bitrates for video transmission saving significant OPEX and reducing network congestion, enabling providers to satisfy the needs of existing subscribers and attract new subscribers without any significant investment into new infrastructure.


Trireme has developed new methodologies for solving some of the most important health issues facing mankind today with a focus on covid-19 solutions in both mitigation and detection.

Don't lose customers because of Network limitations.

Today’s new compression technologies focus on spending sizable CAPEX on new hardware and software while EMPEG utilizes your existing platform creating efficiencies that drive ROI today.

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We don't change the bandwidth...
we make it more efficient.

Our EMPEG technology’s results can be likened to your morning commute in heavy traffic, if all of the vehicles on the highway are large trucks (representing the current congestion on the internet), our compression changes those trucks into motorcycles, opening up valuable space to navigate with your content making your commute easier.

Don't take our word for it!

We have provided a comprehensive demo that can be viewed and reviewed by clicking the View Our Demo box below.

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Building and deploying additional bandwidth to deliver the demands of UHD and HD video is not a quick or inexpensive option and sometimes additional bandwidth is not the only solution because the limitation may be on the customer side. EMPEG technology allows you to deliver more content on existing platforms with notional additional CAPEX and no loss of video quality.

Accelerate Content Delivery
Alleviate Network Congestion

Network congestion is alleviated and capacity is increased with Trireme EMPEG Compression technology. Our patented technology provides compression across the infrastructure and bandwidth that you have in place today.

Ease of Adoption & Integration
No Network Disruptions

Delivery of high quality content at low bitrates is our value proposition by delivering content to customers previously inaccessible. Leveraging of existing legacy infrastructure such as ADSL will create instant ROI.

Increase Network Capacity
Increase Market Share

Trireme EMPEG Compression extends the capacity of your existing distribution channels with near zero CAPEX. Our disruptive technology works alongside your existing infrastructure to deliver 6 to 12 times the capacity at notional costs.

Trireme’s mission is to develop and deploy our unique patent pending compression and encryption methods which solve many of the bandwidth, storage and security issues that exist on all technology platforms. We can also offer products and services to insulate and inoculate communications through our encrypted and compression hosted systems to thwart imminent threats.

Who is Trireme?

Triremes mission is to develop usable technology that solve many of the world’s most challenging problems by improving current technologies, patenting those improvements and deploying them with a focus on rural broadband, encryption, healthcare, agriculture, payment platforms and block chain efficiency.

The professionals and management team behind Trireme have extensive real-world experience in technology; government/defense services; international law enforcement as well as banking and finance. Our principals hold Ph.D degrees and MBA's.

Company Overview

  • Founded 2016
  • Offices in MS, FL, NY, and Belgrade, Serbia
  • 7 patents pending
  • Strong IP portfolio
  • Privately funded
  • Advanced compression and encryption methodologies developed over the past decade

Trireme Portfolio


Anonymous Payment System

Enhanced Blockchain

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