Triremes mission is to develop usable technology that solve many of the world’s most challenging problems by improving current technologies, patenting those improvements and deploying them with a focus on healthcare and agriculture.

Our technology IP portfolio consists of a variety of solutions including:


New research reveals that the novel SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus can survive on human skin for up to 9 hours, while the influenza A virus (which causes the seasonal flu) survived for just under 2 hours on skin.


SARS-Cov-2 virus can survive at least 28 days on glass and bank notes, down to 3 days on plastic and stainless steel surfaces, common for poles, handles, pushbuttons and other touching surfaces within buildings, public transportation vehicles and private vehicles.


Mechanically enhanced Far-UVC, UVC, Air Ion and/or Inactivation Polymer disinfectors are designed to mitigate covid-19 and all other viruses and are for use in air-conditioners and interior of all buildings, such as:  homes, schools, restaurants, hotels and stores; public transportation vehicles, such as: busses,  trains, taxis, airplanes and boats, as well as all private vehicles.


A solution that offers rapid, point of care testing including Covid-19 with results rendered in a digital platform.  The intelligent, data driven platform includes the capability to identify local and regional outbreak hotspots, predict future hotspots with contact tracking and tracing.  This information can be disseminated rapidly to local healthcare officials and the general population.

Trireme has been able use their scientific based approach to PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) to assess and procure necessary supplies on an institutional level for distribution to first responders, healthcare companies, and government agencies. Our extensive knowledge of the supply chain and logistics provides our customers an advantage in both quality and price.


Collects humidity from the air and feeds plants through leaves with minerals and microelements.


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